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5 Best Flooring Options for Homes In 2023

5 Best Flooring Options for Homes In 2023

Choosing new floors can be an exciting yet daunting task for any homeowner. With so many options to pick from, it’s hard to know which flooring types are best suited for your home and lifestyle.

Best Flooring Types To Choose For Your Home in 2023

Laminate Flooring

5 Best Flooring Options for Homes In 2023

Laminate flooring continues to be one of the most popular choices for homeowners and businessmen. This flooring is made from synthetic materials fused, laminate floors have the look of real hardwood, stone, or tile at a fraction of the cost.

One of the biggest benefits of laminate flooring is durability. The synthetic materials used to create laminate planks are highly scratch and stain-resistant. Laminate stands up well to pets, kids, and high-traffic areas. The planks lock together tightly, minimizing gaps that can trap dirt and moisture.

Laminate floors are also among the easiest DIY flooring installation jobs. The planks use a simple click-lock system that requires no nails, glue, or hassle. Homeowners can install laminate flooring over existing surfaces, saving time on subfloor prep work.

SPC Flooring

5 Best Flooring Options for Homes In 2023

SPC stands for stone plastic composite. This new generation of rigid core flooring offers the beauty of luxury vinyl plank with exceptional durability. The limestone composite core makes SPC flooring waterproof and able to withstand other damaging factors.

For homeowners with pets and kids or wanting to install floors in bathrooms or basements, SPC is an ideal choice. The rigid core prevents gouges, scratches, and damage from moisture. SPC flooring won’t swell or warp when exposed to more humidity or leaks.

Despite its rugged core, SPC flooring offers gorgeous, realistic looks replicating wood, stone, and other materials. Advanced printing technologies allow the vinyl layers to capture depth, texture, and detail. Combined with the durability of the core, SPC floors provide long-lasting beauty for all homes with different interior themes.

LVT Flooring

5 Best Flooring Options for Homes In 2023

Luxury vinyl tile or LVT flooring incorporates cutting-edge vinyl construction with gorgeous design. As one of the hottest flooring trends, LVT offers stylish looks that hold up beautifully.

The top vinyl layer of LVT is embellished with deep embossing and layers of staining to create realistic wood and stone textures. Plank formats look just like real hardwood, while large format tiles mimic marble, travertine, and other stones. With mimicry this good, LVT floors bring high-end aesthetics to any room.

Vinyl floors have inherently good water resistance, but modern LVT flooring takes this up a notch with waterproof cores. It makes LVT a great choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and basements.

Wooden Flooring

5 Best Flooring Options for Homes In 2023

Nothing matches the warmth of real hardwood floors. Wood flooring remains popular since it pairs well with varied design styles, from farmhouse to contemporary. Sustainably harvested woods like oak, maple, and pecan have unique grains that add natural beauty to rooms.

Prefinished hardwood floors are now the norm, making installation faster without the dust and fumes of onsite finishing. Factory finishes also provide exceptional durability and easier maintenance down the road. Brands like Bruce, Shaw, and Armstrong have pre-finish options with aluminum oxide or ceramic bead finishes that significantly resist wear.

There are more durable engineered wood floors available, too, which sandwich a plywood or composite core with a real wood veneer top layer. It gives added stability and makes engineered wood suitable even below grade.

Outdoor Flooring

5 Best Flooring Options for Homes In 2023

Your outdoor spaces deserve stylish floors, too! With outdoor living features like kitchens and living rooms extending our homes, outdoor flooring helps create a cohesive aesthetic both inside and out.

Tile is a classic outdoor flooring choice, given its range of styles, shapes, and colors, along with water and weather resistance. Porcelain tile increases durability thanks to very low water absorption. Popular wood-look tiles mimic real hardwood with less maintenance.

Rubber and PVC tiles also make sense outdoors, with good drainage and slip resistance. From decorative patterns to solid colors, these tiles can be installed wherever you need extra cushioning and support. With the right flooring, you can make any outdoor living space just as beautiful and livable as indoors.


When choosing new floors, consider your home’s needs along with your lifestyle. Active households with kids and pets often benefit from ultra-durable options like tile, SPC, or composite decking. Home chefs may gravitate towards waterproof LVT flooring to handle potential spills and moisture in the kitchen. Consider what look you want to achieve as well. The natural warmth of wood floors suits many design aesthetics. For a stone or marble look, LVT and porcelain often have the most realistic styles.

Proper installation and maintenance will keep your new floors looking beautiful for years to come. Investing in quality flooring suited for your home gives you added peace of mind. With the right choice, you can love walking on your new floors for decades.

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