Microtopping flooring in Dubai

Get High-End Microtopping Flooring In Dubai

Parquet Flooring Dubai offers the best way to transform your floor’s outlook while escalating its visual beauty. You can hire our best microtopping flooring in Dubai. Give your floors a stunning finishing touch with our services in affordable price ranges.


Visual Elegance

Endless Functionality

Versatile Microtopping Flooring Dubai
Microtopping Flooring Dubai


Give your floors a smoother finish and make them scratch and water-resistant.

Prolong Subfloors Life

You can enhance the life of your subfloors with this amazing microtopping service.

Easy To Clean

Our microtopping flooring treatment brings about low-maintenance surfaces

Enjoy Pleasing Interiors With Our Incredible Microtopping Flooring Treatment

At Parquet Flooring Dubai aim to give you the best solution to perk up the looks of your floors without removing the existing surface through cutting edge microtopping techniques to offer the sleekest outlook of floors. Our premium-grade product is a mixture of liquid polymer and cement mixture that makes a promising surface and enhances the overall functionality of a space.

Whether it is a modern or classic interior style, this treatment is the ultimate choice to make any interior decor stand out. Besides resurfacing every area of your home, this flooring also gives the greatest durability.

Best Microtopping Flooring Dubai
Modern Microtopping Flooring Dubai

Microtopping Concrete Flooring At Low Rates in Dubai

Our microtopping flooring in Dubai can be applied in various systems depending on the intended use to impart excellent performance and stability to the floors. You can benefit the most from your investment by choosing us for concrete microtopping Dubai. The most highlighted aspect of our flooring services is that we offer multi-leveled cement or epoxy microtopping flooring while giving you price flexibility.

You can acquire our custom on-site finishing and concreate microtopping services according to your specifications. For instance, to enjoy aesthetic perks in your places, you can also choose the marble finish for your unexciting floors.

Microtopping Flooring Dubai

Commercial Settings

To give your working places a lustrous look, microtopping floor treatment is the ultimate choice.

Microtopping Flooring Dubai

Villas And Apartments

This flooring system is the ideal choice for all villa, apartment and similar luxurious interior settings

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We are dedicated to offering our clients the most effective home improvement solutions.


Luxury Microtopping Flooring Dubai

Perks Of Having Us For Micro Topping Concrete Treatment

As far as the benefits of our high-end micro topping of floors are concerned, it does come up with enormous irresistible features and merits. We have devised a smart solution to give your floors a new outlook, and the most interesting fact is that you can also get on-site surface painting services according to your styling needs.

Our flooring services work best for every sort of surface, whether it is a swimming pool, basement, or bathroom surface. Our distinctively beautiful patterns for the design layer of micro topping are endless to explore. Such that to add value and character to your interiors, you can choose from marble with cracked lined or veins patterns.

Our Leading Microtopping Fit-Out Company Offers Versatile Services in Dubai

We’ll enhance your surface appearance and maximize the floor performance. Choose us for the best results. Your floors will astonishingly restore their looks with the appealing shades, light waves, and various patterns that can give an inviting look to your places.

People in Dubai Parquets Flooring for fully-functional microtopping flooring Dubai which is UV and damage resistant and ideally purposeful, as well. Moreover, you get a number of amazing discounts on all our floor treatment services.

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Microtopping Flooring Dubai

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Customized Microtopping Flooring Dubai

Customized Microtopping Floor

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Elegant Microtopping Floor

Microtopping Flooring Dubai

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Top Notch Microtopping Flooring Dubai

Add Unrivaled Beauty To Your Interiors

For your floor upgradation, our flooring team visits your place to measure the area before initiating the process. After a detailed inspection, our specialists prepare the subfloor quickly. Next we aims to address your subfloors perfectly. Finally, comes the installation of the Dubai’s best microtopping flooring made with 5 layers and a thickness of 3mm in your spaces.

For the genuine revival of your damaged floor and restoring its surface, you can hire our dedicated team that provides services for all requirements. While resisting damage and impact, micro topping flooring adds functionality and opulence to your place.

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Why Choose Us For Microtopping Flooring In Dubai?

We are a top rated platform that provides the all-exclusive services of microtopping in Dubai to give your spaces a graceful and upgraded outlook. Our microtopping flooring can stand general wear and tear and is chemical resistant, as well. Our flooring services provide an everlasting difference by leveling up your floors.

Because of the continuity of the floors with no seams, flaws, or ridges, our flooring services bring about a matchless style and practicality of your floors. We are the customer’s first choice because our motive is to offer satisfactory services within their budget line. You can choose your desired finish for floors and we’ll provide you services accordingly.